Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Requirement Specs

Adv Doc Mgmt

What it means?

A content management solution. Document is an entity by itself. Each is a wrapper over a attachments (file/folder). A document can have revisioning/versioning. Document would belong to Doc Categories. Each category is associated with a lifecycle that controls what phases the document goes through.
A document can have attachments. The attachment framework should allow upload(multiple).

Apart from this, each functionality/feature should be exposed as a service.


usage of the latest technogies.
EJB 3.0, TopLink

Feature Priority
1. Document Search
Must Have
Able to search documents fast. Support attributes based searching. But mostly this would be a simple search.

2. Document Detail
Must Have
Document Detail should typically be a single page, multiple feature functionality. As opposed to the was OA pages shape up, I feel we should try and incorporate as many features with as few clicks as possible

3. Create Document
Must have
Again a single page transaction would be ideal. Whether it can be done is to be seen.

4. Security
Must Have
Role based security. Entity types should be user or group. Roles can be given to user/group. Also, access is based on privileges which can be directly given to user/grp/role

5. Attachment
Must Have
Each Document incorporates Attachments. Attachments fwk should be able to use any third party client which could be over a WS or WebDAV. WebServices vendors should support versioning and other advanced content mgmt framework

6. Relationships
Nice to have
May not be implemented. I think we need increase the scope.

7. Document Categories
Must Have

8. Document lifecycle
Must Have

9. Bulk load document
Must have

Document Search
A simple search searching for keywords. We may need to to restrict the search to doc names etc. Attribute based search is a consideration.

Should be a simple text box. Search could be embedded in all other pages

Document Detail

A single page with all the information regarding the document such as
lifecycle phase
attached files

Search would be embedded here.

Edit button should start edit inplace instead of moving to a different page

Create Document
Single page with all necessary info fed by the user